Demo Submission

Demo Submission

The moment your tracks are finished and you think it's time for them to conquer the world, pause: this is the time to collect comments about your creation. Share your music with people who are reputable for you, get some criticism from them and analyze the answers. Not everything that is condemned should be corrected, but if several people have pointed out the same thing, it's time to think.

Don't send demo to friends or family (who are not in the subject at all): they tend to mindlessly cheer you up, which won't do you any good. You will share your notes with them when the job is done.

It's important to send in only the best material for auditions, and even before that, make sure your music fits into the overall picture of the label in terms of sound and content.

Make sure your tracks sound at the highest (highest possible) level. Compare your recordings with the recordings of other artists released on an attractive label to you. You only get one chance to create the first (often last) impression.

Below you can submit your music demo to Record Label

Your track must meet the following requirements:

You can only send unsigned items.

If you have used any samples, they should be free and you can send us a receipt for those samples! We do not accept bootlegs, mashups, or unofficial remixes.

We only listen to SoundCloud links.

How do I get signed to a label?

Our A&R team will make a decision within 1-4 weeks and will contact you if we are ready to sign a contract.